Workshop Thanks – IELTS Mock Test

Thank you for your interest in my Free IELTS Online Writing Workshop. I should be WhatsApping you the link within a few hours!

WARNING: 50% of people who input their WhatsApp Number DO NOT include their IDD Country Code (+91, +92, +62, etc) in front of their number. Thus I won't be able to send them the link as I don't know which country they're from.

If your WhatsApp number is not from Singapore (not +65), and if you didn't leave your IDD country code (+65, +91, +62, etc.) before your number, I may not be able to WhatsApp you. So it's better to WhatsApp me below now to make sure you get the link:

Launch of Jonathan's New Online IELTS Classes (July 2022):

Only S$250 for Classes that have helped 450+ students pass their IELTS exam in Singapore! (This is probably the cheapest IELTS course you'll find in Singapore, yet with the most success)

Here's what is included:

Teaching Materials

  • 35+ Hours of IELTS Teaching Videos
  • 400+ Pages of IELTS Notes and Exercises (which include my unique IELTS Essay Templates)
  • This covers all 4 IELTS components (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) - and I also address Grammar and Vocabulary for IELTS
  • You'd probably need to put in about 40 to 100 hours of total study time

Support From Me

  • Live Zoom Classes (for support, Q&As and activities) every 1 or 2 weeks.
  • My WhatsApp Number to ask me any questions you have


  • My previous Face-To-Face classes used to be S$600. The fee for my Online IELTS Classes is $400. However, I'm offering it at a discount of S$250 only for this launch period.

WhatsApp me now at +65 9768 1054 to discuss more.